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PT. Bina Silva Nusa

Posted on 02 September 2014   |  
PT Bina Silva Nusa (BSN) is a primary wood-based industry producing wood chips as the exported final product. The Company is part of Bina Silva Nusa Corporate Group which manufactures raw materials supplied from: Plantation Forest Management Units e.q. PT Bina Ovivipari Semesta, PT Kandelia Alam, and PT Bina Silva Nusa. The Company is located in Desa Batuampar, kecamatan Batuampar, Kabupaten Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan.

BSN produces wood chips use Rhizopora sp. and Acacia mangium to be pulp and paper products. The wood chips produced by BSN are exported to Japan and Taiwan intending to further fabricate woodchips to be pulp and paper products. The total annual sales recorded in 2012 is 3,661,320 USD. BSN has been awarded certificate of CoC, means that BSN Factory manages its company in sustainable way. Furthermore, All FMUs supplying raw materials to PT BSN Factory are verified using the mandatory certification system (Sustainaible Forest management System/ PHPL).


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