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Law enforcement process for Orangutan shooting case in Kapuas Hulu

Posted on 29 June 2010   |  
Pontianak, West Kalimantan – On 7th and 9th June 2010, WWF-Indonesia Putussibau Program received three reports from member of Ukit-Ukit community (Labian village, Batang Lupar district) and two villagers from Dusun Pinjauan (Pulau Manak village, Embaloh Hulu sub-district) about orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus) shooting. The calamity took place on 4th of June 2010, in Wong Jelia forest (Labian river upper course), Mensiau village, Batang Lupar sub-district.

The suspects were Ukit-ukit villagers; repeat offenders for this are their third case after similar cases in end of 2009 and March 2010. This last case began with 6 villagers from Ukit-Ukit village went for a hunting trip. The said villagers were divided into two hunting groups; David Kiat team and Jubang team (the suspects). Before the hunting began David Kiat told the others not to hunt any orangutan. It turned out the Jubang team shot a female orangutan. The mother died while the baby (2 months old male orangutan) fell from 40m tree with a wound all over his body. David Kiat found this baby the following morning and reported it to WWF-Indonesia, Putussibau office.

Responding to the reports, WWF coordinated with Police, Betung Kerihun National Park Authorities, West Kalimantan Natural Resource and Conservation Agency, Ketemenggungan Tamambaloh Labian Customary Chiefs and Labian village community. The Labian chiefs and villagers wanted a firm action against orangutan and other endanger species poaching and killing. The aforementioned parties agreed to do a simulation court combining customary rules and law enforcement as a strategy to create a shock therapy for the repeat offenders.

The enforcement took placed on Monday, 21 June 2010 in Labian village hall, attended by 70 participants from Labian, Mensiau, Sungai Ajung and Sungai Abau villages (all within proximity of Betung Kerihun and Danau Sentarum National Park), representatives from police authority, Betung Kerihun National Park, Mr Leo from Temenggung Tamambaloh Labian, Labian Village Chief and other customary members. At the end of the process, suspects signed a statement saying they will not repeat their action, which breach the law of endangered species, and they are willing to be prosecuted if in any case they repeat their offence.

The Orangutan baby was immediately evacuated to Ukit-ukit village by Roman Silaban from Natural Resource and Conservation Agency to get a proper medical treatment from veterinarian, Skondi Agustin Lestari. Medical examination showed that the baby needed an intensive care from International Animal Rescue (IAR) in Ketapang, because his left foot was swollen. The evacuation from Ukit-Ukit village to Pontianak was facilitated by WWF-Indonesia from 21-23 June 2010. Afterward, the Natural Resource and Conservation Agency handled the transfer to IAR’s Rescue Centre in Ketapang.

WWF-Indonesia along with its partners consistently supports law enforcement efforts against poaching, illegal trading and captivities of orangutan. We encourage capacity building for law enforcers, initiate social awareness in local and provincial levels, and create great synergy with other NGOs.

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