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Actively Promoting "Signing Blue" for a Responsible Marine Tourism

Posted on 23 June 2016   |  
The divers were met with manta rays at the dive site Mawan, Komodo National Park, West Manggarai
© Dwi Ariyogagautama/WWF-Indonesia
Author: Vinni Nurizky
Translated by: Ahmad Shadiqi
A number of tour operators and travel agencies gathered in the second floor's hall of Synthesis Residence Kemang on June 21st, 2016. After filling in the attendance, they began to take the provided seats. Each of them was holding a flyer signed "Signing Blue" with the panda logo printed on it. A light-blue banner, also signed “Signing Blue”, with a picture of ocean and seashore stood firm right next to the screen, attracting the audience. They attended the socialization and the signing of Signing Blue MOU. Signing Blue is a platform initiated by WWF-Indonesia in order to materialize practice and management of responsible nautical eco-tourism in Indonesia.

With the slogan "Bringing Tourism to the Next Level", WWF-Indonesia comes out with the Idea of Signing Blue as a channel to facilitate a responsible and substantial market for marine tourism. All Signing Blue members, either tourism agents or individuals, will receive a special certificate for tourism, and be verified in eco-friendly business practice. With its social and environmental principles, Signing Blue ensures that the ongoing tourism activities shall be responsible for Biodiversity and Ecological footprint, as well as for the locals and their culture.

Following the socialization, the event was also held to legally sign the MOU for some companies and providers of tourism intending to join Signing Blue. PT Wallacea Jaleseva Lestari, PT Garap Sukses Abadi, PT Samudera Eco Anugerah, and PT. Samudera Ekowisata Indonesia are four companies which agreed to sign the MOU and join Signing Blue. Devy Suradji as WWF-Indonesia's Marketing and Communication Director signed the MOU in each company, together with its owner. The have committed to be the agents of responsible eco-tourism business for the sake of marine tourism sustainability.

Signing Blue has been officially launched in November 2015. To this day, WWF-Indonesia's Responsible marine Tourism team has been campaigning all over Indonesia in order to spread the information about the initiative and in turn to support the national policy covering the responsible nautical tourism service. The socialization is planned to continue in Yogyakarta and Surabaya. The event was closed just before the Maghrib prayer time. All the participants had a dinner for the iftar afterwards.

Indonesia as the Main Destination of International Marine Tourism
The marine tourism could be in a serious thread if all the agents providing the service cannot engage in a collaboration of nature preservation. These agents include tourists, tour guides, transportation and accommodation service providers, and all related parties holding a role in marine tourism. It is a common knowledge that Indonesia has a great potential in marine tourism, one of which is the Coral Triangle as the center of world marine diversity, covering the sea and islands from Bali to Nusa Tenggara and Southeastern Maluku, as well as Kupang and to the north including the southern and eastern part of Sulawesi.

The coral triangle is the crucial habitat for marine resources and it is opens opportunity for various utilizations as well as high chances of thread. This area is home for half of the coral species, a habitat for other marine species and a migrating transit for some nautical mammals. This is the beauty of marine attraction in Indonesia. If it is not responsibly and sustainably handled, the time for marine and nautical extinction in this archipelago will surely come due to the harmful practice of tourism.
The divers were met with manta rays at the dive site Mawan, Komodo National Park, West Manggarai
© Dwi Ariyogagautama/WWF-Indonesia Enlarge
Pak Wawan Ridwan explained the benefit if the companies joined together Signing Blue
© WWF-Indonesia / Vinni Nurizky Enlarge


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