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(Not) Ordinary Trip to Negeri Petuanan Kataloka

Posted on 06 November 2017   |  
Explore Negeri Petuanan Kataloka
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Author: Juwita Agung Pusposari
Translated by: Evert W Fanggidae

For the reason of distance or financial, not everybody can go and visit Negeri Petuanan Kataloka. However, the historical moments, the beauty and richness of the nature are not to be igonored. Therefore, the trip is not just a just a trip anymore.

Negeri Petuanan Kataloka is located in the Province of Maluku, Eastern of Seram Disctrict, Gorom sub-district. This place is full of surprise. The place is blessed with fishes, colourful corals, and its traditional way of life with a King on the top of the hierarchy. More, the local are very kind that, somehow, attracts people to keep coming back.

However, despite all the beauty explained above, to get there is another story. Depending on the season, more than a day journey is needed to get to the place. The place is heavily affected by two monsoons, east and west, that affect the rainfall.

The local said that it is best to visit the place within the period of November-December and March-April due to the monsoon at the times of the year.

There are 27 cultural, historical, and natural, tourist objects to visit in Negeri Petuanan Kataloka. In Kataloka itself, there are 4 cultural and historical tourist objects to visit; Bansina, a place believed to be the beginning of Gorom Island; Giro Gajah, the first mosque in the Gorom Island; Watu Kaman, known as the cemetery for the ancestors; West Papua’s Liberation Monument; and six others tourist objects including Koon and Grogos Islands.

Dive in the Beautiful Koon Waters
To those who enjoy diving in the beauty of Indonesia’s sea would definitely be impressed with the clear waters of Koon. The island doesn’t only offer its underwater view but also its white sand. However, to enjoy the island, there are rules to follow, like no fishing or fish-taking in and around the Koon Island. The rule is supported by Regent’s Decree of Eastern Seram No.532/189/KEP/2011 about the 8.161,8 acres of Marine Protected Area of Seram District; protected fully by the local people of Negeri Kataloka.

Koon waters is special not only because of its status as an important place for fish spawning but also because of its variety of corals. Therefore, it is a must to preserve the habitat in the island.

Looking at the potentials that Koon Island waters has and the business opportunities offered, WWF-Indonesia has started to develop tourism in Petuanan Negeri Adat Kataloka. To open marine tourist lane in Koon waters is the first step to attract people visiting Raja Ampat to stop and enjoy the beauty of Koon Island.

Interested to visit Negeri Petuanan Kataloka? Come and participate in Kataloka Festival 2017 on this 2-5 December.

Explore Negeri Petuanan Kataloka
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Explore Negerti Petuanan Kataloka
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Explore Negeri Petuanan Kataloka
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