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Eight Years Seafood Savers on Achieving Sustainable Fisheries

Posted on 10 November 2017   |  
ASC certification press conference
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Author: Usmawati Anggita Sakti (Seafood Savers Communication Assistant)
This year on October 29th, 2017 Seafood Savers is 8 years old. Established in 2009 now there are 13 fishery companies in capture and aquaculture sectors have joined Seafood Savers. Eight years running program in Indonesia, several significant signs of progress have been achieved.

“Congratulations and thank you Seafood Savers for developing sustainable fisheries in Indonesia for 8 years. As a seafood lover, I will be safe and a saver with Seafood Savers.”Said Dr. Artati Widiarti, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

The fruit of all stakeholder’s hard work is likely to be seen this year by the success of its member obtaining ASC certification on this August. This marks WWF-Indonesia’s ability to accommodate and support the need of industry player while at the same time conserve the environment. Moreover, this success will encourage other industry players to get involve in the Seafood Savers program.

More information about the achievement (http://www.seafoodsavers.org/en/news/wwf-indonesia-kawal-pt-mustika-minanusa-aurora-raih-sertifikasi-ekolabel-asc-udang-windu-pertama-di-indonesia/).

Besides member, Seafood Savers also involves other stakeholders in the improvement programs. These are in the forms of workshop, talk show and campaign supported by Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Fisheries Offices at District Level and seafood consumers as well. There is a statement given by MMAF on Seafood Savers’s 8th anniversary.

Campaign: Sustainable Seafood For A Healthy Living
On October 2017, talk show entitled “Sustainable Seafood For A Healthy Living” with Fisheries Offices of East Java Province, WWF and 2 Seafood Savers members was held. The talk show aimed to invite local hotels and restaurant in Surabaya joining this program. Besides, Seafood Savers also initiated campaigns in several supermarkets and mall in Surabaya, Yogyakarta aiming to educate consumer about sustainable fisheries and how to be responsible consumer.

More information about the talk show (http://www.seafoodsavers.org/en/news/wwf-tingkatkan-kesadaran-pelaku-bisnis-perikanan-surabaya-akan-produk-responsible-seafood/).

Seafood Savers program keeps making progress. The significant one is the success of its member obtaining ASC certification. For that reason, this should be supported by all stakeholders to make the progress run faster. Fishery industry, government and seafood consumers are expected to strengthen the partnership. Apart from that, Seafood Savers expect that there will be more fishery business players join this program, particularly hotel, restaurant and supermarket. The more stakeholders commit to this scheme, the more vast and faster the sustainable fisheries’ information spreading out to the consumers. Let’s work together by being smart consumer and responsible producer! #WeChooseToSave

As a platform of marine resources conservation in Indonesia, Seafood Savers keeps holding on sustainable fisheries principles to its partners. Fisheries industry players implement improvement programs with the assistance of WWF-Indonesia towards Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) ecolabel certification.
ASC certification press conference
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Campaign: Sustainable Seafood For A Healthy Living
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