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Let’s Reduce Waste to Protect Our Sea!

Posted on 03 May 2018   |  
Beach clean up marine buddies and seasoldier community
© Komunitas Marine Buddies Surabaya
Author: Anika Isnawati (Marine Buddies Surabaya Community)
Translated by Evert W Fanggidae

Hi Buddies! This time Marine Buddies Community Surabaya will share exciting moments we had during the event held by SeaSoldier Community Surabaya on Sunday, April 15, in which we cleaned-up the beach and the Suroboyo Park of Kenjeran Fishermen Village. We happily took part in a series of interesting activities such as talk show, fun education, community performance, garbage can donation and cleanups at Kenjeran beach and Suroboyo Park. The event was made even more colorful by the involvement of some foreigner participants of various professions and other environmentalist communities.

The clean-up activity was joined by around 70 participants divided into 2 teams namely the “beach team” and the “park team”. It was really surprising that in the act that lasted for about 1 hour the participants could gather a tremendous amount of waste reaching approximately 30 flour sacks (that was 25kg in weight)! Most of them were plastic waste, though we also found cotton-bud, styrofoam, and other kinds of trash. It was both shocking and hilarious that we even retrieved a bed from the beach. What an irony that with a lot of trash cans available the site was still heavily littered.

Plastic waste, especially plastic bags, are the most common pollutant, and in the ocean they cause death to many marine organisms. Although some facilities for waste processing or plastic waste recycling have been provided, plastic waste is still a big problem. In order to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment, we should cut the use of plastic. For examples, make it a habit to bring your own tumbler and avoid using straws; such acts are environmentally friendly, more hygienic and more economical.

The event celebrated SeaSoldier's 3rd birthday with the theme "Looking at Garbage with One Eye". The most anticipated event was an exposure by the founder and co-founder of SeaSoldier, Kak Nadine Chandrawinata and Kak Dinni S who came straight from Jakarta for this special occasion. The committee managed to pack and deliver the exposure session in an exciting way, and it was then followed by the cutting of the anniversary tumpeng (a cone-shaped rice dish surrounded by various Indonesian traditional dishes), discussion and merchandise giveaways.
It is important for us to know the terrible effects of plastic use for living things on land and at the sea. Let’s reduce the use of plastic and keep the cleanliness of the environment around us, buddies! The event was expected to increase public awareness about the importance of maintaining the environment, especially on reducing the amount of plastic waste. Let’s make the land livable and the sea beautiful, now and for many generations to come. Jalesveva Jaya Mahe .. In the oceans we live...

Beach clean up marine buddies and seasoldier community
© Komunitas Marine Buddies Surabaya Enlarge
Beach clean up marine buddies and seasoldier community
© Komunitas Marine Buddies Surabaya Enlarge


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