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Species Program

About Species Conservation

WWF is focusing its efforts on a select group of priority species that are especially important, whether it’s for  the ecosystem...

  • Species forming a key element of the food chain
  • Species which help the stability or regeneration of habitats
  • Species demonstrating broader conservation needs

...or for the people

  • Species important for the health and livelihood of local communities
  • Species exploited commercially
  • Species that are important cultural icons.

Here at WWF-Indonesia’s Forest, Fresh Water and Terrestrial Species Program we focused on some flagship species – iconic animals that provide a focus for raising awareness,stimulating action and funding for broader conservation efforts—such as the tiger, orangutan, elephant and rhino so that their populations are thriving in the wild.

Strategially focusing efforts on these species will also help conserve the many other important species which share their habitats and/or are vulnerable to the same threats.