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About Sebangau

About Sebangau

The width of Sebangau National Park in Central Kalimantan Province is ±568.700 hectares. It is located between Sebangau River and Katingan River. Administratively, Sebangau National Park is a part of Katingan District, Pulang Pisau District, and Palangka Raya Municipality. This location is the remaining of peat swamp forest in Central Kalimantan after the central government initiated the agricultural peat land project for adjacent area or the Mega Rice Project or “one million hectares area” in 1995.
The Minister of Forestry declared Sebangau to be Indonesia’s 50th national park on October 19, 2004, by issuing minister decree SK.423/Menhut-II/2004. Prior to the national park designation, Sebangau served as a production timber forest subject to rampant illegal logging. The protected area of Sebangau is the habitat of orangutan and many other endangered species such as the Malayan sun bear, gibbons, horn bills, the clouded leopard, and many more.

Conservation area is often considered as “constraint” of community access to the available natural resources. Sebangau National Park Management has developed a new approach of conservation area management based on the participative mapping of zoning system. This approach will accommodate the collective work with communities to define which areas is included in the community range for subsistence, rehabilitation area and core area. It is expected that the approach will generate collective responsibility in the protection area by persistently providing scientific-based considerations, objective condition and environmental suitability.

By becoming national park, Sebangau will be protected. The community will also get the benefit from the status of Sebangau. The efforts of conservation had been done by Sebangau National Park Management and WWF-Indonesia collaborates with Province Government, District government and other related institutions.

Sebangau National Park Vision

Sustainability Management of Sebangau National Park for local community.

Sebangau National Park Mission
  1. To strengthen Sebangau National Park Management through the natural resource conservation sustainable management
  2. To strengthen legal form and forest conservation of Sebangau National Park and Central Kalimantan
  3. To develop the ecosystem and natural resource sustainability management
  4. To develop the institution and partnership of collaborative management in conservation