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Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas


Establishing at least three new Indonesian Marine Conservation Areas, with at least one in each marine Eco-region, adding at least 750,000 ha (in Jamursbamedi beach Papua, Derawan Islands-East Kalimantan, and Alor-Solor region).

Partnering in establishment of and support the Indonesian MPA task force that reviews Indonesia’s MPAs on their contribution to network criteria such as ecological connectivity (coral larvae and fish mostly), representation of ecosystems and endangered marine species, and resilience of coral reefs to climate change impacts.

Management effectiveness guidelines applied and demonstrating significant improved management in at least one MPA in each marine eco-region, covering at least 2,700,000 ha in Bunaken, Wakatobi, Cendrawasih, and Derawan).

Significant reduction (greater than 50%) of illegal activities (cyanide and dynamite in at least 6 Marine Protected Areas, in the three main eco-regions (in Bunaken, Wakatobi, Cendrawasih, Riung, West Bali, Ujung Kulon, and KarimunJawa).

Determine WWF-Indonesia Marine Program contributions to global targets of reducing impacts of extractive and non-extractive industries near MPAs.

  1. Area Management
    Effective MPA management is key to maintaining coastal resources, but it is presently inadequate across most of Southeast Asia.
  2. Community & Outreach
  3. Sites
    WWF works in many area in Indonesia, we are divide the area into several catagories: core site, leverage site, New MPA Sites, dan ecoregion yaitu perairan besar dengan beragam spesies, komunitas alam dan kondisi lingkungan yang bersatu secara nyata dalam sebuah lingkup geografis.
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