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Berau, Derawan Islands

Berau Marine Protected Area, Derawan Islands

TNC-WWF commit to promote marine conservation area in Berau through support from local community and local government. This commitment is a strategical action to maintain sustainable biodiversity.
  • Along 2008, Joint Program TNC-WWF has recorded success of all the projects conducted in Berau Marine Protected Area. A comprehensive study has been carried on for years to implement conservation in that area
  • Until July 2008, Joint Program TNC-WWF gained support from Marine and Fishery Office in the form of collaborative program of financing micro credit to fishermen. This collaboration is an interesting approach; a lesson learned for sustainable fishery management at group of fishermen level.
  • Network Community of Fishermen (JAMAN) is a fishermen network at Regency level which gets support from the Joint Program. TNC-WWF motivate groups of fishermen to acknowledge various stages of marine area protection aiming to increase their income. The success been reached is a concrete action to maintain fishermen participation in the form of official village regulation.
  • Joint program TNC-WWF empowers community of fishermen forum at subdistrict level or known as FORMAL. This empowerment will enhance each forum member have skill to improve their life prosperity without disregarding conservation aspects.
  • In 2008, Joint Program TNC-WWF got support from the government to design zonation that brought huge benefits to the next life. Studies of Joint Program as the outcomes of monitoring and patrol activities were information material that became reference for Government in analyzing zonation plan.
  • Joint Program activities reached the young people in Tanjung Batu. They not only got knowledge about marine area management but also recognized ways to campaign marine conservation through simple community media such as video, radio, and community media at their schools.
  • Joint Program TNC-WWF continually monitor green turtles nesting, it's an important issue of turtles conservation effort
  • Joint Program TNC-WWF has recorded the success of cooperative work in developing marine conservation area starting from district level, province to national level as well as implementing large scale marine conservation area. The implementation of large scale marine conservation area aimed to protect significant habitat of Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) and The hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelis imbricata). This is also an important part in Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion (SSME)