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Environmental Education

About EE

EE is a life-time process of encouraging people to seek, ask questions, do research concerning environmental issues and find solutions for interrelated social and environmental issues. (NAAEE– North American Association for Environmental Education).
Environmental Education aims to help develop people's skill. Therefore, they can actively take part to achieve the mission.

EE Unit WWF-Indonesia

Since 1995, EE unit has become one of WWF work program. As a part of WWF-Indonesia communication activities, EE is considered as one of primary activities in communication division since EE increases people awareness and knowledge regarding environmental issues. In the end, people expected to prepare theirselves to develop skill for decision making and take part in the action of “saving the earth."

The initial of EE activities is to improve awareness through electronic and printed media, continue with shaping people’s behaviour that sides with environmental sustainability through formal and informal education conducted at schools or community groups.


  • Improving ecological relations (mutual relations between individuals and their nature, or relation between individuals)
  • Increasing world population who has awareness and concern regarding environment and its issues. EE give them knowledge, skill, behaviour, motivation, and commitment to act individually or collectively overcoming environmental issues and preventing other possible issues