Derawan | WWF Indonesia



The Derawan islands in East Kalimantan includes the islands Panjang, Derawan Maratua, Samama, Kakaban, and, Sangalaki and some smaller sandy islands, atolls, and submerged reefs. The total area which falls under the administration of the Berau district authorites, covers slightly over 1 million ha. The islands of Derawan and Maratua are inhabited, the island of Sangalaki is managed under private tourism management and the other islands have no human settlement. The area is famous for highly diverse coral reefs, major green turtle nesting beaches at Derawan and Sangalaki islands and a unique marine lake inhabited by jelly-fish on the island of Kakaban.

For WWF, the Derawan islands is also an anchor site for the Sulu Sulawesi Marine Eco-region Action Plan (with Bunaken National Park). Together with local and national authorities, with local and national NGO partners and with local communities WWF aims to establish a large-scale multipurpose MPA.