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The Rinjani Area, Lombok

The landscape of Lombok is dominated by Mount Rinjani which covers approximately one-third of the island’s total land area and is the main water catchment area of four major watersheds, namely the Dodokan, Menanga, Putih, and Jelateng watersheds. Within this area also lies a famous lake, the Segara Anak, which with the depth of 250-300 m. is a massive water reservoir for the island. This area supplies the fresh water for Lombok’s 2, 4 millions inhabitants.

The Rinjani forest area encompasses the three districts of Lombok (West Lombok, Central Lombok, and East Lombok), and includes three different forest designations; a National Park, Protection Forest, and Limited Production Forest. The total area of Rinjani landscape is around 125,000 ha and constitutes significant forest areas for the community in Lombok, NTB province. The value of the natural resources and environmental services of the Rinjani area are estimated to exceed Rp. 5.178.158 quintillion, which includes among others Rp.386 billions/year in the agricultural sector and Rp.286 billions/year in the eco-tourism sector.

There are more than 80 villages in the area, 42 of which are directly bordering on the forest area. The total population the Rinjani is approximately half a million people. Various potential of vegetation can be found in Rinjani is about 55,38 % types of tree  : 6,45 % for creeping plant ; 21,53 % for clump, 3,03 % Bryophi ta plant, 6.15 % all kind of grass , 307 % type of pteridophyta : many kinds of Endemic Nusa Tenggara plant that found in this area are : Vernonia albifolia , vernonia Tenggwall, pandousa pandorana , two kinds of orchid. They are perestylus Rinjaniensis and peristylus lombalanss. Others plant in this area are Edelweis ( anaphals Vislida ) as special species in mountain range , and there are about 16 kinds of mammalia with various birds. The result of observation in 2000 registered for about 426 kinds of flora from 95 family in this area.

Ecologically, vegetation composition in Rinjani mountain and forest around it, has important meaning in keeping water system in Lombok, it is supported by wide  area of Rinjani mountain as one of many places in West Nusa Tenggara which support wetland  with its function as water absorption for its close areas , There are more than 85 water sources from Rinjani mountain with management of River Stream  Area ( RSA ).

There are 10 locations of RSA and 5 sub locations of RSA.  Rinjani mountain is the only water source for rivers in Lombok island that put  into three water absorption , north west and east . There are about 3,000,000 inhabitants that dependent upon fresh water from this area.
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© WWF-Indonesia/Widodo Prayitno