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Rhinocare Program 
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Rhinocare Program
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The WWF RhinoCare Program

Protecting the endangered Javan rhinos from extinction not only requires tremendous amount of hard work, commitment and dedication, it is also very expensive. It is a highly resource driven undertaking. WWF Indonesia has launched the RhinoCare Program with a vision to up scale ongoing rhino conservation work by pooling in better funds and resources. It is also an attempt to sensitize, encourage and facilitate public and corporate involvement in conservation by fostering a participatory approach from all corners of the society. The program has been accordingly designed to give individuals, familes, groups, business/corporates and other organizations in Indonesia an opportunity to contribute towards the conservation of Javan rhinos in the wild. By symbolically adopting a Javan Rhino through the WWF RhinoCare Program, you, your family, class, team or company will have the opportunity to become personally involved in the efforts to save it from extinction.

Get Involved - Help Save a Rhino ! 


ACT And Save Our Javan Rhinos


Download Registration Form for RhinoCare Program HERE and email it to rhinocare@wwf.or.id or send it by fax to WWF-Indonesia Rhino Care Program at +62 21-7829461 

Payment can be made to Acc.
Number Giro BCA KCP Labuan, No.493-0338899
(Acc. Name Yayasan WWF-Indonesia)

Please send email to rhinocare@wwf.or.id
or sms to 0818-08248738 after transfer the fund.

Each adoption is symbolic and your donation will be used to support rhino conservation efforts like patrol activities, habitat management, genetic and food supply research, and fighting threats faced by the Javan Rhino in Ujung Kulon National Park. Your gift is fully tax deductible to the extent of the law.
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