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WWF-Indonesia Held the Inaugural Seafood Savers Membership Authorization

Posted on 26 June 2012   |  

Jakarta – WWF-Indonesia conduct the inaugural Membership Authorization of a company involved in its corporate engagement program, Seafood Savers. Sea Delight, a frozen seafood importing company from Florida, United States became the first company to receive official membership in this inter-business cooperation for sustainable fisheries.

The inaugural ceremony was held early this month, just one day prior to the World Oceans Day which falls every June 8th. “After going through series of evaluations, improvements and planning, Sea Delight may now declare themselves as the official member of Seafood Savers commited to improving the company’s fisheries activities towards sustainable fisheries business and practices”, said Margareth Meutia, Senior Corporate Campaigner for the Marine Program in WWF-Indonesia representing the Seafood Savers Secretariat.

As a member of Seafood Savers, Sea Delight is committed to conduct series of fisheries improvement activities along the company’s supply chain in Indonesia. Steps of improvements will include governance of national fisheries management, strengthening of institutional framework, research activities, and compliance strengthening toward fisheries sustainability standards. Each improvement steps are included in the Fisheries Improvement Program Workplan document developed by WWF-Indonesia Fisheries team together with Sea Delight.

Development of these improvement steps refers to the international standards of fisheries sustainability set by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a third party certification for sustainable fisheries. MSC three main principles includes stock sustainability, minimum ecosystem impact, and sound and reliable fisheries management.

Fisheries Improvement Program conducted by Sea Delight will cover three Fisheries Management Areas, which are FMA 573 in southern parts of Indonesian waters for its tuna fisheries, and FMA 715 in Central Sulawesi and FMA 714 in North Moluccas for its reef fish fisheries. The improvement activities will not only involve Sea Delight but also the supplier companies, middlemen and fishermen from which Sea Delight are sourcing their tuna and reef fish products.

Seafood Savers Secretariat estimates a five year period for Sea Delight to complete all of the improvement steps. However, Sea Delight would not be able to conduct all of them independently. Particular improvement steps toward sustainable fisheries business will require the involvement of other related stakeholders including the government and other fisheries companies.

“Fisheries improvement efforts conducted by Sea Delight is a part of the overall national fisheries improvement program which requires the involvement and support of various related stakeholders”, explains Imam Musthofa, WWF-Indonesia National Fisheries Program Leader who led the development of Sea Delight’s Fisheries Improvement Workplan.

Sea Delight is one of many companies who joins in the Seafood Savers initiative, a program aimed to be a business to business platform to achieve sustainable fisheries. Through Seafood Savers, WWF-Indonesia is targeting cooperation with various corporations involve in the fisheries industry to encourage fisheries improvement along the industry’s supply chain.

“Realizing the impact of the ever growing and massive global fisheries activities to date, our company views Seafood Savers as a solution for improvement in the industry. More than just to protect the environment, but also to secure the availability of resources in the future for the sustainability of the industry as well as livelihoods of the fishermen”, stated Adriana Sanchez-Lindsay, the Seafood Import and Sustainability Coordinator Sea Delight after receiving the Seafood Savers Membership Certificate.

Throughout the Fisheries Improvement Program, Sea Delight will receive intensive assistance from the Seafood Savers technical team.  Further development and i mprovement progress made by Sea Delight can be monitored through the Seafood Savers website at

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Margareth Meutia, Seafood Savers Senior Officer WWF-Indonesia, mmeutia@wwf.or.id

Wiro Wirandi, Seafood Savers Officer WWF-Indonesia, wwirandi@wwf.or.id 


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